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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  October 10, 2012 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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good evening.
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i'm dan ashley. start tonight with the developing story. new details in a child abduction case still unsolved after more than two decades. my kayla was kidnapped in 1988 and was 9 years old at the time. hayward police are testing a child's bones found in san joaquin county. they found the bones in the graves used by the so called speed killer. sherman time says there are many more victims buried in graves. earlier this year he said his partner may have killed mikayla garrett. we spoke to her mother and you will hear from her tonight over on channel 7 so tune in for that. now, to other developing news. 12-year-old girl shot and being treated in an apparently random shooting that happened this evening in oakland east oakland on 64th and harmon avenue. you can see the yellow markers
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were bullets fell. this is crime scene evidence. we understand the 12-year-old suffered non-life-threatening injuries. investigators say she was sitting in a car with a family member or family friend. neither one was targeted. it was apparently a random shooting and she was caught up in it. again this 12-year-old girl we he expect to be okay at least that is the very good news on that. in san francisco tonight, police moved in when a group took over a vacant building in the mission disstrict. the whole thing was captured live on abc 7 news at 6:00. jonathan blum was reporting on the takeover when things brook loose. >> the police bass out no trespassing signs and now are gathering with riot helmets preparing to surround these guys if they don't disburse. the police have now run across the street and they are wasting no time to arrest these protesters. they are yelling to get out of the street and we are trying to comply with their orders as the
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police go hand to hand with the protesters. more officers come in on their bicycles and they very quickly surround the area to create a perimeter around what they have now declared a crime scene. motorcycle officers are running in. >> the protest coincided with world homeless action today. police arrested 20 people but all of this transpired live on the 6:00 news over on channel 7. major news in a murder case. police in seattle arrested two people who were driving the car belonging to a woman murder in her hercules home. they were wanted for a violent west coast crime spree that began in southern california when darnell, washington, broke out of jail in august. two days later darnell is suspected of shooting a sheriff's deputy. in seattle when an officer approached the two they took off. after a chase the officers boxed this them in and the
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driver tried to ram the patrol cars. the vehicle involved belonged to susi kob a murdered woman who was found beaten and stabbed to death over the weekend. this is a significant development in the investigation. well, an unusual october storm dumped hail in gilroy today across the bay area. hail scattered across the street. pretty dramatic picture. spencer christian has been tracking it on radar. fairly rare for this time of year, spencer. >> very unusual, you are right. we still have some of the unusual weather rumbling around the bay area right now. a rather wide path of showers and thundershowers. much of this is light activity but there are likely heavy downpours and a couple of thunderstorm cells near fairfield. the movement over the last couple hours starting in the central valley and moving
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westward into the immediate bay area. and let me close in on the active weather around fairfield right now. actually just south of fairfield and west of real vista moving towards vallejo. a couple of little cells producing no doubt heavy downpours and fund and lightning as well. we had hail this afternoon over much of the bay area accompanying the thunderstorms. this video sent to us by natalie dominguez. and then here is more video showing rain and hail sent to us by roy flowers. most of the activity was in the south bay. we had hail reported in morgan hills, gilroy, san jose. and this picture was sent also of hail collecting on the ground in morgan hill. nice sized hail stone there's. much larger than well, we don't get hayloften in the bay area any way. larger than the hail we would normally get when we do get
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hail. here are is a handful of hail someone picked up in morgan hill as well. thunderstorms developing in other locations. i will give you a look at what is coming our way tomorrow and the next day in my accuweather he is ren day forecast a little bit later. george gascone says he has grave concerns about mirkarimi's ability to do his job while he is on probation. he d.a. says mirkarimi must take steps to avoid a conflict of interest. >> i'm calling on ross mirkarimi to reduce simself from duties that relate to domestic violent offenders. >> tough words and it is against that backdrop p that ross mirkarimi try to retake the reins of the sheriff's
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offense. vic lee with a look at the challenges he will face. supporters cheered when suspended sheriff ross mirkarimi got his job back last night. the mayor needed nine votes to sustain the suspension and got only 7. today, mirkarimi showed up at his offense to discuss the transition of power with the acting sherrod martin sheriff. e said he also wants to mend fences with advocates of domestic violence victims. >> i absolutely want to reach out and plan to in a direct and personal way with any of the leaders of domestic violence community and any one else who may have doubt or concern about us being able to move forward. >> reporter: the supervisors who voted against the suspension were campos, avalos, ara gq and kim. domestic violence advocates were stunned by their decision. >> common sense thinking folks,
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i believe, it just doesn't make sense that you would have a convicted domestic violence abuser leading the sheriff's department. >> i'm disappointed at these four individual supervisors who i think found their way to find an excuse. >> when the mayor was asked if he would support a recall he declined to answer yes or no. >> i know that had been discussed among private settings in the past and that is the public prerogative to consider that. >> supervisor kim said she voted to give ross mirkarimi his job back because she thinks they failed to make the case this was official misconduct but would is support a recall election. >> i think a recall is the way to remove the sheriff. i don't think that unfortunately the removal process by the simple language of the charter i felt didn't
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allow us to do this last night. >> reporter: mirkarimi will still be on probation for three more years while sheriff and still can't carry a gun but does get his back pay. in case you are wondering how much all of this cost the city attorney's offense i office inl fees, it is is $1.2 million. vic lee, abc 7 news. sports is making news tonight santa rosa cyclist levi leipheimer has been suspended. he is banning for taking part in what it calls the most sophisticated professionalized and successful doping program the sport has seen and at the center of the program says the government lance armstrong based on 1,000 pages of testimony, lab results and financial transactions the agency says that armstrong used drugs while cycling and
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demanded that teammates dopas well. the giants staid alive in the best of five series with cincinnati, beating the reds today. the fans are confident and they were before tonight's game. >> i want everyone to swing. let's go oakland! >> the home field advantage. the a's have done it before. >> so much excitement at the coliseum. as we speak, though, the a's have a little work to do in the the game between the a's and the giants it is like christmas, though, for bay area sports fans. lots of fun. sports director larry beil is here with the latest on the a's game in progress. 7th inning. >> now, in the 8th. the tigers in the roal role ofe grinch at this point. having a hard time scoring. detroit leading 2-1 now in the 8th. the giants forced a decisive game five tomorrow with the victory in cincinnati in the national league division series. check out the highlights. acting like the team cheer
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leader before the game. whatever he said it worked because the second pitch of the game downtown off mike leak. giants a quick 1-0 lead. in the second tied at one. flexing the muscle. gone as well. two-run homer. barry zito. rough. tim lincecum in hai inheritings at first and second. the long ball san franciscos if friend today. the third homer of the game, pablo sandoval. 8-3 giants the final and force a game five in cincinnati tomorrow. game time a little iffy. depends on what happens with the a's game. major league baseball has yet to set the time. once the a's are over we will know for sure the time the giants will play tomorrow. >> a lot more to get to tonight. come up, a house explodes and a woman is badly burned in san
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jose. the latest on that for you. also, the union city strip mall that went up in this flames o overnight. you will see the mess that nine burned out businesses are trying to cope with now. >> another nobel prize winner in our midst tonight. a researchers from stanford whose work will make the medications you take more effective. remember when dozens died on the capsized cruise ship off
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san jose a woman is severely burned after her home exploded. three other people inside the house managed to escape, they were not hurt. the woman's condition is unknown at this time but burned over nearly 40% of her body. the fire appears to have started on the second floor. the cause still under investigation. meantime, a devastating fire in union city has left several small business owners wondering how they will ever recover. it happen at the el dorado place shopping center. the fire destroyed two family run restaurants and several
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stores. small businesses that were to them like children. bombay pizza only ten months old. >> we were so excited about the business and definitely my husband put 100% and last night was a horrible night. >> reporter: bovina restaurant's grand opening was just one week ago. >> this is our first time in business. everybody is in here. the whole family. you know how unemployment is so high right now so the whole family is all together. the four alarm fire took an hour and a half to contain. michael bustamatne was working late we he smelled smoke. >> i went in the back to check and when i came out i see the smoke on the ceiling here coming from there going there. >> reporter: he called 911 and when firefighters arrived they quickly term the fire was in the attic. they cut holes in the roof to get at it but you that also fed
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the fire that was hungry for oxygen. firefighters were on the roof and inside the building when the roof collapsed but but you somehow none were right on top of or below the section that came down. >> there always is a science but to be honest there is luck. this is is a dangerous business. we get paid to save property and save lives. they thought that the roof was safe. >> reporter: now, begins the painful process of cleanup and insurance claims. >> hopefully we will get back what we put in so we can continue our business. we will start the business all over again. >> reporter: the cleanup crews here tell us that it could be weeks possibly weeks before people are even allowed to step foot back in some of these most damaged properties. in union city, heather ishimaru, abc 7 news. a quick mention about bart. 15 minute delays after some kind of equipment problem that started about 6:30 tonight.
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still delays on the system. spencer is back. we had some rough weather. >> thunderstorms and hail and heavy downpours and now the active weather shifting to other parts of the bay area. interesting out there. a live view from emeryville. doesn't appear to be very active there at the moment. is can you tell, does that look wet to you? woo we have sprinkles here right outside. i encountered sprinkles here just outside the building at abc 7 i had a bad hair minute as i got right out there. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. a wide path of showers right now and possibly some locally heavy downpours although all of the reports we are getting of rain from various locations indicate just light showers and sprinkles but here in the area near vallejo it looks like something a little more than light sprinkles. appears to be at least some moderate rainfall in the area. concord reporting light rain right now as well.
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right now 56 degrees in san francisco. 58 across the bay in oaklandth0 at fairfield. the forecast features are these we will continue with a possibility of scattered showers overnight. a few sprinkles also possible. i mean sprinkles. tomorrow into saturday morning and then with the dryer weather we have a warmer pattern that will develop beginning on sunday and going warm back up to summer like levels actually. low temperatures generally in the low 50s up in the north bay valley a little cooler with hoes dropping into the upper 40s. satellite radar composite shows the upper level low that contributed to all this unusual continued to drop southward just off shore. continue southeastward and eastward into southern california pushing in tomorrow and then on friday likely to trigger palestinian a bit of snowfall in the highest elevations in the sierra. back here in the bay area lots
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of clouds and possibly sprinkles but no more thunderstorms or heavy downpours expected the next two days. tomorrow with lots of clouds around and little breaks of sun high temperatures on the cool side. generally in the 60s although we could see 71 antioch. 70 fairfield and low is 70s in far northern locations like clear lake and ukiah. monterey bay, lots of clouds there. high temperatures generally in the mid to upper 60s. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. we will begin to dry off a bit on thursday and friday. saturday are morning a chance of showers up in the north bay and by saturday afternoon drawing out again giving way to a warming trend starting on sunday and by the middle of next week inland highs in the mid 80s and mid to upper is 70s around the way. a week from thursday we will give away $49,000 to a lucky 49ers fan. already entered by going to the
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facebook page and you can enter, too. just go to 7 news. click the button that says win $49,000. like to be able to click that one myself. the winner will be announced after the 49ers game. we, of course, are not eligible but if you win we would like to know you. >> your bad hair minute lasts the rest of the day me. >> there you go. >> thank you very much. >> coming up here, scaling back california's three strikes law. would it restore the original intent or release dangerous felons back out on the street? you will hear from both sides of that question. plus, tensions espn espn is kailey late as turkey sends out fighter jets to force down a sear arian passenger yet. sear aria[ laughter ]yet. [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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overseas for a couple of items. the united states is sending troops to jordan to boltster its military. turkish fighter jets forced a passenger plane to land in the turkish capital of ankara. military communications devices were con skated and the air bus was given permission to leave. it was traveling with 35 passages and two crew aboard. tensions have been high since five turk irk civilians were killed by mortar fire last week. the example of thcaptain o7 that ran aground is now
9:26 pm
attempting to get his job back. the night his ship ran aground, he says his dismissal is unfair because he was not under command of the ship when it hit a rock. he is under investigation for manslaughter, abandoning his ship and failing to properly communicate with maritime authorities. next month, state voters will decide whether to scale back the three strikes law. it would revise three strike felonies to serious or violent crimes only. if it passes about 2700 inmate can be riesen tensed and likely will. three strikes allows prosecutors to press for 25 years to life sentences for any one with a third felony conviction. tonight, capital correspondent nannette miranda takes a look at both sades of the issue. the first two offenses have to be serious or violent crimes. the third does not.
9:27 pm
critics say that is a gross injustice. having more than 3,600 inmates in the state lockup for 25 years to life for relatively minor crimes like drug possession and shop lifting a pair of socks as the third strike. >> proposition 36 only applies to extraordinarily minor are crimes. it is a modest reform that restores the original intent of the three strikes law to target serious and violent offenders. >> proposition 36 seeks to change the law so that the third crime must also be serious and violent. the three strikes project uses the example of shane taylor whose 15 years into a life sen tones. third strike, possession of less than $10 of meth. his prior offenses were burglary and attempted burglary. if it wasn't for the third strike he would probably have been released after 8 to 10 years. if prop 36 passes he would be eligible to have his case reviewed by a judge for possible resentencing and
9:28 pm
release. >> if it is child molest, murder rape and child molest. >> rob: you get don't the benefit of prop 36 no matter how minor the third offense it. >> the state could save $100 million a year by having fewer inmates in prison. the father of the three strikes law sounds the alarm says if they committed two violent crimes it is only a matter of time before the third time strikes. >> while they are out during the little crime sabbaticals think of the little crimes they were doing to society including the murder of my 18-year-old daughter. >> reynolds feels that criminals will receive shorter sentences if prop 36 is is approve. >> should he be provided with an opportunity to do yet
9:29 pm
another serious or violent crime? that is what i want to ask you. >> reporter: in sacramento, nannette miranda, abc 7 news. coming up, exploding air bags. the warning for all drivers about the danger in the dash board and what you really need too know. the car of the future is already here. the new collaboration between silicon valley and one of the bigger
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an alarming warning about the air bags in your car. the national highway traffic safety administration is warning about counterfeit air bags installed by repair shops.
9:33 pm
they look like the real thing but they are not and they can be dangerous. david curly has the story. >> reporter: this air bag supposed to save your life explodes, fire shooting out of the steering wheel. a founder fit. here it is again. the fake literally shooting parts and flames right at the driver. or this bag another fake that only partially inflates. customs agents were spotting fakes and when the tests of the suspected chinese made counterfeits came back the alert went out. >> when people try to think about counterfeiting having largely to do with whether somebody is selling a boot leg dvd. we are dealing in a completely different world now. this summer in charlotte backs of the fakes were confiscated in a raid. some sold on the internet and other os to repair shops. >> this is only an issue if the air bag has deployed and you have to have it replaced. go to an authorized dealer and make sure you get the real deal. >> less than a quarter million
9:34 pm
vehicles may be affect. if you are not sure you have a real replacement have a dealership check your current air bag. if you drive a toyota you may have to take it in to the shop soon. toyota issued a massive new recall bigger than the one two years ago because of a faulty power window switch. it was not greased properly at the factory and 200 people reported a problem. a 7.5 million vehicles were karled. we have specifics under see it on tv so go there to check to make sure it is not one of our vehicles. your home, your office, your mobile device, all are connected but what about your car. jonathan blum explains why one of the world's biggest automakers is now linked to the world's biggest computer networking company. >> you have a meter on here. >> reporter: bill leinart is
9:35 pm
showing off an all electric car that you will probably never drive. >> this is not intended for sale. it is for experimental purposes. >> the scion is a concept car, a platform to try out technologies for the next generation of connected vehicles. >> not just our smart phones and tablets but everything in our lives are going to be internet enabled and that is in fact happening as we speak and the connected vehicle is the next big rerevolution in mobility. >> cisco is is holding an invitation mighting with vehicle manufacturers. >> the carnies as a result of my cell phone who is getting in the car. my wife likes classical and i like jazz. doesn't have to play jazz when she is in the car, only does it for me. >> the executives agree this is only the beginning. some of the same technology used for safety and navigation features in this car could end up paving the way for whole cities full of cars that drive
9:36 pm
themself it will be a lot easier if the car companies and networking companies start working together now to make is city streets ready for the technology. >> putting in for things that don't exist now but that you know they are coming. >> automakers are already showing off cars that talk to each other to avoid crashes though they say a fully driverless car is at least ten years away from the dealership. meantime, connected city streets will have other benefits. >> the network has sensors in the roadway or the parking space that the internet can tell my vehicle it is time to park because there is not going to be a parking space after the sensor established there is a free spot. >> in san francisco, jonathan blum, abc 7 news. something else wild is the weather throughout tonight. show you pictures from live doppler 7 hd where there are
9:37 pm
reports of lightning. we will get back to radar if we can. those are the highs for tomorrow. we had this rough weather all afternoon today and into the evening. now, as you look at live doppler 7 hd you can see the cells in it and around the vallejo area and on up, reports of lightning in the area. spencer christian is following it for us and tracking it closely. he will be back just a little bit later on to update us on again the witt of rough weather now moving into that part of the bay area. on to o politics. new poll so underscores what is riding on tomorrow's vice presidential debate. 39% of voters view joe biden favorable. paul ryan 44% hold a favorable view of the challenger. meanwhile, mitt romney continues to make headway. the new reuters poll has the
9:38 pm
former massachusetts governor ahead 45% to president obama's 44%. the next presidential debate is tuesday but again the vice presidential candidates debate tomorrow night and you can see that on abc 7. >> to that end as we talk about the presidential race, president obama seems to have no enthusiasm for reviewing notes from his performance in last week's debate that so many criticized. the president compares it to playing sports. >> if you have a bad game you just move on. you look forward to the next one and it makes you that much more determined. >> and he will no doubt be determined next week to perform better at the debate against mitt romney. mitt romney told a factory audience his passion was about helping people who are struggling and he also said he will be a prolife president. thathat comes one day after he told an iowa newspaper he has told an iowa newspaper he has no abortion agenda if [ woman ] don't forget the yard work!
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mother nature's cool like that. mobile check deposit. easier banking. standard at citibank. about 60 volunteers putting the finishing touches on a habitat for humanity project that be home to 46 working families on mission street. it as $15 million project. the biggest in the bay area history of habitat for humanity. it should be done in february. meantime, a stanford professor was stunned this morning winning this year's nobel prize in chemistry. he shares the honor with duke medical center robert lefkowitz. i'm. >> reporter: the phone call comes at 2:20 this morning. dr. brian kubilka answered the call and was told that he and
9:43 pm
robert had won the nobel prize for chemistry. >> i think i had trouble saying anything to begin. probably more towards crying. it was just really hard to believe. >> he had been studying proteins for more than a decade starting at duke university and then at stanford. simply because he was curious. he and his wife had a sense that his discovery was a big deal but his wife really realized it when first announced it at a conference yes. >> said i still didn't think it was going to work but here it is and everyone in the auditorium kind of sat up. that gave me an idea it was a big thing. and after that conference and everyone was surrounding him, everyone wanted to know about it. >> reporter: his research has explained the body's communication system and his discoveries involving the body's g-protein coupled receptors could change how we treat disease in the future. >> my hope is is that we will eventually be able to use these is structures to develop more
9:44 pm
safer more selective drugs more economically. >> reporter: there were obstacles. he lost funding sources along the way because the project wasn't moving along fast enough. at a news conference this morning he gave stanford university a lot of credit for believing in him. >> being here you can have ideas which other people might think are crazy and probably you are not qualified to do but people at stanford will try to h help you do them. >> reporter: a a news conference is not his style. he is very shy but says he is very proud to have won the award. at stanford, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. while we are talking about nobel prizes, researchers say that how much chocolate a nation eats is connected to the number of nobel prizewinners who live there. it has been tied to brain power before. there is evidence that flavinols in chocolate can help in slowing down or even
9:45 pm
reversing age related mental decline. we searchers say switzerland leads in chocolate consumption and nobels. the united states is in the middle of the back and at the bottom of both categories were china, brazil. i eat enough for that entire nation. >> nying high and making hist ♪ [ male announcer ] the first only the beginning. ♪
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you could fly keeply. several airlines taking police in discount fare war. southwest offering 40% off. air-tran offering seats as low as $45 each way. that sale, though, runs for
9:49 pm
just 72 hours and virgin has one way prices for a as low as $65. there is is a catch, of course, none of the sales are valid for holiday travel. fares for thanksgiving are on average $24 higher than last year. one last check on the weather. and it has been a bit spotty and a bit aggressive out there spencer.pots, sensor are. >> more aggressive as we speak. this long path of showers and thundershowers. show you where we have thunderstorm cells and lightning around the vacaville area and over rio vista as well. and the storminess near are vacaville moving generally towards the west southwest. track this little cell right now moving in the general direction of cordelia junction. should be there in the next couple of minutes actually. moving swiftly. an isolated thunderstorm nonetheless. now, tomorrow we expect clouds to linger. we don't expect anything in the
9:50 pm
way of thunderstorm activity tomorrow. could be a lingering sprinkle or two. cool tomorrow with high temperatures mainly in the 60s up to low 70s in the mildest inland locations but won't be many places that will hit 70 tomorrow. actually tomorrow, and friday there could be a scattered sprinkle or two. saturday morning maybe light showers in the north bay. drying out saturday afternoon. then we become sunny and dry and warm on sunday with the warming continuing to the middle of next week. mid 80s inland next week up to 80 along the bay and mid to upper 60s on the coast. >> warm october weather. >> thank you very much. sports director larry beil is back. all of the sports. the a's in a tough spot right now. >> they are in the ninth and need to rally. the giants on the other hand just in the nick of time their bats arrived in cincinnati. bombs away in game four. bombs away in game four. the giant
9:51 pm
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00 the concern grows in san jose where a fire bug
9:54 pm
has struck again. details on the latest attack. just as you are about to click on the buy button you hesitate. mikmikemike how that could evey you a discount. exciting stuff going on right now. i don't mean to ignore you. >> an rbi double by seth smith. the a's game right now is 3-2. or just tie it at 3-3? 3-2 in the bottom of the ninth. the a's trying to -- no, now it is tied. >> and two on. >> sorry. >> i have got a lot of help out here in the studio as you can see. be none of it good. that's right. here is the situation. do or die game for the a's tonight against detroit. game four of the playoff series with the tigers. they have been is sty 34-678d night long.ll
9:55 pm
rettig and donaldson got on and is seth smith came through with what i believe was an rbi single to score two. it is now 3-3 in the bottom of the ninth and the a's have a chance to pull out a dramatic victory. we have four minutes before we he go off the air and if the game ends before that we will try to get the final play on. meantime, everything else i was going to tell you don't worry about it. a long and detailed description of how we got to3-1 in the ninth but now the a's tied it up. let me tell you about a game that is final and i can show you highlights of. a game three thriller between the yankees and orioles. ibanez launched a solo homer to tie it at two. then facing brian matusz and that is is gone. yankees win 3-2 and lead that series now two games to one. now, to the giants after being held to four runs in the first
9:56 pm
three games of of their series with cincinnati the giants offense finally showed up and moving tim lincecum to the bullpen looks like brillance from the manager. from down 2-0 the giants have evened up the playoff series. hunter pence the team cheer leader pregame and whatever he said it was effective because on the second pitch of the game goes yard. second inning. tied at one. flexing his muscle. hitter's park. homeruns fly out of there. 3-1 giants. barry zito speaking of homeruns is flying out of there, lasted just two and two thirds. ryan ludwig with the solo blast and the hook came for zito. back be to the new ace out o of the pen tim lincecum inherited runners. timmy was brilliant. the giant offense suddenly
9:57 pm
alive after three games. sandoval crushes that pitch. another two-run homer giants took an 8-3 lead in the 9th. kailey seia gets ludwig to pop up for the final out. that series tied up, forcing decisive gemmative tomorrow. >> i'm here to get outs until they tell me i'm done. go into the stretch and think about where i want to throw it as opposed to how i'm going to get it there. >> a pretty nice long man to have in this game which we needed and good to see him throw the ball like this and he really came through for us. you know, w when you are on ste like this you are hoping somebody steps up and timmy has that ability and did that tonight for us. >> so, winner take all game five, giants and reds.
9:58 pm
start time depending on what happens with the a's tigers game. matt cane will start for the giants against matt lehtose for the reds. st. louis starter chris carpenter and the cardinals bullpen come pined for a 7 hit shutout. st. louis just like last year get hot at the finish and grab a 2-1 series lead. the niners getting set for sunday's showdown with the giants but earlier this week alex smith was thinking politics. the niners quarterback met the president on monday. he was in san francisco on a campaign sport. >> talked ball the whole time. >> most of the time. seemed close down to earth and talked a lot about us with the game on sunday. our schedule had new england
9:59 pm
playing the bears so it was cool. >> so we finish up here with the two highest paid sports interns in history. >> great. >> spencer relates to me. >> this is the the finely tune the machine working right here. 3-3, bottom line. cliff pentagonton at th pennin. >> he just struck out. >> two down and the a's one more out to go. but you 3-3 with a run. >> with a runner at second base. >> they got a shot. >> talk about high drama in the a's were dead pretty much and held scoreless until the 6th inning and got on the scoreboard in the 6th and two runs in the ninth and 3-3 is where we are at right now. >> join us at 11:00 because we will use two cans and a string. string. >> a's just won! >> a's just won! >> 4-3. >>


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